ASB Neighbourhood Series: An Introduction


Everyone has that one neighbourhood restaurant that can do no wrong. It’s your go-to; your gem; you’re absolute fave. It’s the place you take everyone out to eat when they come to visit; it’s the celebratory meal when you just received that much-needed raise; or it’s the pig out crave when that boy brushed you off. It’s the place you follow on instagram, drooling over their new menu options, and the place you non-chalantly brag about, claiming you have an in with the assistant to the assistant, sous-chef (who in your mind, graciously takes your foodie thoughts & advice).

These places are special, and provide an overwhelming connection and sensory experience with food – something that every person should feel!

For me, that’s Row 34 in Fort Point. And let me tell you…this isn’t just #1 on MY list, but it’s top of Boston, New England, nationwide! The lobster rolls – the Row 34’s & ICO oysters – the crudo & ceviche?!?! I can’t. And I can’t believe I said “I can’t”, but I can’t.

And obviously, much like you would, I digress…

BUT. What about the other restaurants? What about the ones around the corner, or the dingy hole in the wall down the street, or the fancy-overpriced-new-hotspot-must-be-overrated-restaurant downtown, just begging to be given a chance?!

The neighbourhood comfort may be your baby, but that doesn’t mean you can’t expand the fam. That’s why I’m embarking on a foodie frenzy eating adventure with my (mostly) better half: 8 weeks, 8 restaurants, each one in a different neighbourhood of Boston.

Explore. Eat. Repeat.

I hope you come along for the ride.

PS. The new “neighborhood” is “neighbourhood.” Duh, get with it.